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Melia Dubia:Melia Dubia plant suppliers

Gujarat Government provide 100 % Subsidy of Melia Dubia Plant 

Melia Dubia Tree(1.5 Year)
Melia Dubia plant cost of Cultivation & Economics, uses and plant suppliers

One of the major problem in today's agriculture is reducing income year by year. The land values are increased and  income from agriculture is reduced due to increased cost for labors, increase in cost of cultivation and increase in transportation cost. Because of that farmers are selling land and looking for other business. So we need to think of good income from agriculture by reducing labors and increasing yield. 

In today's picture, the middle men are earning the good income from agriculture products, and the farmer who produces getting less from what he produced. Since the many short term crops need more labors, transportation and inventory cost, the final gain for the farmers are very less. To make good revenues as per acre, we need to cultivate medium to long term crops keeping the cost to minimal and also good revenue in future. 


Once we decide to cultivate the tree means first  go with good seedling collection from Forest Departments. When direct sowing the seed without treatment , the germination percentage is less(20%). So we do alternate soaking and drying in cold water, the period of germination is 20 days and 75% germination is expected. Those having difficulty in germination, can get the seedlings(sapling) from the Plant Nursery.

Then we start planting in beginning of the  rainy season, so irrigation is minimal or can use drip irrigation for 2 years.

The suggested Pit size is 2 feet x 2 feet.  10x10  feet is standard specing for better girth.

Procedure of planting:
 1) Dig the pit and keep it open for 1-2 weeks.
 2) Then close the pit with the soil available with digging.
 3) After 2 days, open the pit slightly 1/2 feet , put Organic Manure(Vermicompost) of 0.5 kg for each pit and plant the seedling. If sapling  height is more, can use support pole for each pit to avoid breaking of sapling.
 4) And irrigate in same day.

Gujarat Government provide 100 % Subsidy 

Melia dubia has 90% less side branches, so less labors are needed to maintain.
Upto 5 years, ground nut, chilli, turmeric, blackgram as inter crops can be cultivated.
Timely weeding and pruning is needed .

Any soil is suitable for Melia Dubia. In its natural habitat the absolute maximum shade temperature varies from 37.5-47.5c and the absolute minimum from 0-15c. It does well in the moist regions, with a mean annual rainfall exceeding 1000 mm. The mean relative humidity in July varies from 70-90% and in January from 50-80%.

It is commonly found in the hills at elevation ranging from 600-1800m.

The melia dubia cultivation is very familier among all farmers & public. Really the melia dubia is very fine tree variety in India. Melia dubia is the very fast growing variety in the universe without adopting any high technology. The ordinary seedling is enough for cultivation. The major drawback of the melia dubia is the germination. The seeds are very hard nuts like Rudraksha. So the melia dubia will takes minimum 2-4 months for germination. But its not believable. This is true and also the melia dubia seeds will not germinate at once or at a streth. If we put some thousands of seeds we will get some 100 seeds will get germinated So we cannot get thousands of seedlings. The melia dubia plant grow very fast. This plant attain the DBH on completion of 6 eyars minimum 100 cms maximum of 165 cms. The density of the tree will be 330Kg/Cubic meter. The melia dubia is very opt for biomass energy product. The caloric reading will be recorded as 5100 calories.

A large tree, attaining a height of 50 ft. with a spreading crown and a cylindrical straight bottom girth - 15 ft., top girth – 5 ft.  found in South Karnataka (Chamarajanagara and Mysore District),  Himalayas, North Bengal, Upper Assam, Khasi Hills, hills of Orissa, N.Circas, Descant and Western Ghats at altitudes of 1500 - 1800 m.  

It grows rapidly and is used for reforestation purposes. and yields a useful timber.

Any soil is suitable for Melia. In its natural habitat the absolute maximum shade temperature varies from 37.5-47.5 C and the absolute minimum from 0-15 C. It does well in moist regions, with a mean annual rainfall exceeding 1000 mm. The mean relative humidity in July varies from-900/0 and in January from 50-80%. 

We are the Farm Consultants and Motivators of Organic Farming operating from Gujarat.
"If you Prefer for any other Plantation also we  will Provide our Services as per your Choice."
Melia Dubia is a Forest Plantation fetches More returns  with assured  Market. More over it is effortless Plantation.If you want to go for Shatras Agri we will extend our Full support
for Plantation of   Melia Dubia .Because of its  Assured Market with GOOD returns  at a Time because there is a Permanent Ban on drawing Forest Timber for Ply Wood ,Particle Board,
Paper Industries etc.On Growing 6-8 Years it is ready for Harvest for those Industries.  More over all are aware that Teak Wood  for Housing and Domestic Sector has  almost been exhausted . 

This Timber is substitute for Teak wood on Growing for  10 Years .This Tree is considered as Fastest Growing Tree in the world on its several Vigorous Researches made  for several Years by Agri Forestry Department of Tamilnadu Agri. University ,Coimbatore.

For raising this Crop water should be Made available . One Bore well of 3" Yield can Irrigate 10 to 15 Acres through Drip by rotating the Irrigation once in 10-15 Days depending upon the soil Conditions.Being it is  Social Forestry Plantation any Soil is suitable Provide there should not be Water logging.This is Most suitable for Absentee Farmers.

Melia Dubia is one of the fast growing tree and give good returns. It can be used in match or biomass or plywood industries. After 3 years, 30-40 tons of biomass/acre can be harvested up to 10 years. The price of wood per ton is rs 2000-4000. so one can get minimum revenue of 2000*30 = rs 60000/acre every year.

30% of the trees we leave without cutting for 8 years means it can be used in plywood industries which will fetch rs 6000 to 10000 per tree ( 6000*300 = Rs. 18,00000).

The Income Details are as follows.
The Plantation distance  be 10 Feet to 10 Feet  400 to 450 Plants can  Accommodated in an Acre depending on the soil Fertility and Irrigation. 

One Tree Fetches 0.75 Ton to 1.50 Tons.Taking Average level  ONE Ton X  Rs..6000/Per Ton as per the present Price can fetch an Income of Rs.6000 (in 6-8 Years) = Rs.6000 X 400 Trees/Acre = Rs.24,00,000/ (Even on worst Conditions) it will fetch a minimum  Income of Rs.24 Lakhs (In Worst Conditions as per the Present Price.). The Price Timber will be a Minimum of Doubled after FIVE 

Years. Then you can assess the Income for 6-8 Years.

If  one Keeps for 10 Years, it will have Timber Value like Teak. Then the yield will be >2.50 Tons to 3.50 / Acre and the Price per Ton will also be More. The it will be sold at Cft Price. If any body needs
we will arrange Planting on Turnkey Basis also.Presently We are attaching the Full Tutorial on this
Plantation which was obtained from Tamilnadu Agri. University and other Govt. Departments, Social Service Organisations etc. by making several trips and making several efforts. Generally the
Price will be settled at the Time of Plantation Please. but however our Price will be Most reasonable , because ours is running on service motive. 

We will Provide Consultation for Herbal farming/ Organic Farming etc.

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